German Shepherds are a double-coated breed, meaning they have an outer coat of fur and an undercoat. The outer coat is made up of stiffer hairs, while the undercoat is softer. The undercoat helps to insulate the dog against cold weather and keeps them cool in hot weather. German Shepherds shed their undercoat twice a year, typically in the spring and fall. Some German Shepherds may shed year-round, though this is less common.

German Shepherd owners will need to brush their dog regularly to help reduce shedding. Daily brushing is best, but weekly brushing should also be done at minimum. There are special brushes made for double-coated breeds that can help to remove loose hair from the undercoat without damaging it. Shedding can be reduced by keeping your German Shepherd well-groomed and healthy. A good diet and regular exercise will help to keep their coat in good condition and minimize shedding.

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