Training sit

A German Shepherd puppy should be trained to sit as early as possible. You can start training your puppy to sit when he is about 8 weeks old.

To train your German Shepherd puppy to sit, you will need some patience and some treats. Start by showing your puppy the treat and then holding it in front of his nose. Say the word “sit” in a firm voice and then slowly move the treat towards the back of his head. As your puppy follows the treat with his nose, his bottom should start to lower into a sitting position. As soon as his bottom hits the ground, give him the treat and praise him in a happy voice.

If your puppy does not seem to be getting the hang of it, you can try holding the treat in your hand and placing it on his back end so that he has to raise his bottom into the air to get it. Once he is sitting down, give him lots of praise and a few treats so that he knows he is doing something right.

With a little bit of practice, your German Shepherd puppy will learn to sit on command in no time!

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